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Fugard Festival


The 2011 Absa Fugard Festival
Programme Schedule

Vrydag 23 September 2011Friday

Time                            Event                     Venue      Duration  Cost

15h00           Official Opening of Festival  VGK         60min      Free/Booking essential

16h00          Exhibitions Open                                    120min    Free

18h30          Sjerrie en Chansons              VGK        60min      R100

20h00          Mathys Roets                         VGK        70min      R120

Saterdag 24 September 2011Saturday

Tyd                Produksie                             Plek        Tydsduur   Koste

08h00  Discussion Group: Athol Fugard  Dust Covers Bookshop 60min  Free

09h00       Die Droomdief                          VGK      30min            Donation

10h00      Lied van die Vallei                     Theatre  60min          R60

11h00     Fugue’d                                       VGK      90min         R60

11h00     Kitching Fossil Centre Lecture    KFEC    60min         Donation

12h00     Hallo en Koebaai                         Theatre 60min         R60

13h00    Kobus Moolman     Dust Covers Bookshop  60min     Donation

13h00    Boesman and Lena                     VGK        60min       R60

14h00   Sjerrie en Chansons                    Theatre   60min        R100

15h00   My Life                                         VGK       80min        R60

15h00   Stories van plaaslike kinders   KFEC Garden 30min    Donation

16h00    Andre Swiegers                      Theatre         80min    R120

17h30   Draadwerk          uilhuis/Owl House stoep    60min    R60

20h00    Nianell                 Graaff-Reinet Town Hall   60min     R130

20h00    The Captain's Tiger            Theatre               60min     R60

Sondag 25 September 2011Sunday

Time          Event                                 Venue               Duration         Cost

09h00    Discussion Group: Translations Dust Covers Bookshop  60min Free

09h00   Die Droomdief                          VGK                60min               Donation

10h00    Lied van die Vallei                  Theatre            60min               R60

11h00    Feesdiens– Dr Fanie Herholdt   NG Kerk      45min                 Free

11h00    Fugue’d                                    VGK             60min                R60

11h00    Kitching Fossil Centre Lecture   KFEC          60min                Donation

12h00    Hallo en Koebaai                        Theatre      60min                 R60

13h00    Kobus Moolman      Dust Covers Bookshop   60min             Donation

13h00   Boesman and Lena                      VGK           60min             R60

14h00   The Captain’s Tiger                      Theatre      70min             R60

15h00    My Life                                              VGK              80min           R60

16h00    Stories van plaaslike kinders    KFEC Garden 30min         Donation

17h30   Draadwerk                Uilhuis/Owl House stoep 60min          R60

19h00   Uiltjie Toekenning                     Theatre              45min     Free; Booking essential

20h00   Feesbraai met Elzabé Kritzinger Brewery (we supply fire and music )

Bring and Braai or buy

Venue: 37 Main Road, Greenpoint
Genre: festival
Start Date: 23 September 2011
End Date: 26 September 2011
Times: Various

Price: Various

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